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Alternative Investments Conference:

New York City
May 21, 2017

AElites has entered into an exclusive partnership with BerylElites, an investor-focused conference provider, to televise and produce content for BerylElites in the United States and internationally.

BerylElites presents From Allocators For Allocators, a conference centered on the topics covering disruptive forces in the business environment and their effects on global investments. About 250 leading investment minds and decision makers with roughly $500 billion in investable assets typically attend BerylElites conferences.

AElites is a film production company that specializes in creating powerful branded content utilizing an expert board of advisors with decades of experience in diverse industries including finance, real estate, healthcare, entertainment, and fashion.

“The reason we selected a film production company like AElites is to leverage on their unique talents, creativity, as well as the broad range of industries they work with. We have been looking very hard for a film production company that can present our communications in a clear and dynamic way. AElites impresses us with their diverse-industry board members and their fresh point of view. These attributes make them a perfect partner for us.”

— Vidak Radonjic, BerylElites Conference Chairman

While working with The Beryl Consulting Group on projects including Manager Due Diligence in Today's Environment, we discovered synergies with their conference provider, BerylElites. Working with BerylElites, we are able to bring the same significant production value to hedge fund managers, investors and service providers. We are delighted to be a part of this great community of leading decision makers and forward thinkers."

— Matei Bivolaru, AElites Producer